120412_Lianhe Zaobao_The slightly more affluent elderly also require assistance in other ways (print)シンガポールで開催されたAgeing Asia Investment Forum (AAIF)20121日目の基調講演でお話ししたことが地元の有力中国語紙に引用されました。




なお、この英訳は香港在住の友人、Lam Wing Szeさんが手がけてくれました。ちなみに、Lamさんは、日本滞在経験もあり、日本語が上手で、日本が大好きな20代の女性です。






The government has been providing low-income elders with a variety of services and assistance; indeed, it has to consider providing related services to support those well-off seniors.


Halimah, Minister of Social development, Youth and Sports mentioned in a forum silver-market investment yesterday.


“We understand that the elderly community has different demands. Indeed, (we) are also required to do more on fulfilling the needs and expectations of the well-off elderly.”


Halimah pointed out that the society cannot rely on measures provided by the government only. The government, healthcare industry, seniors housing industry, and the community itself are required to actively participate in, and to assist Singapore, and even the Asians as a whole to successfully enter the next generation.


Ms. Grace Chan, Chief Officer of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (Elderly Service) said that it I important to persuade and attract more private companies to introduce more creative and practical ideas trough research and development. If these are to be adopted by the government, both elderly and the society will be benefited. 


On the other hand, Halimah said Singapore is now planning to provide a daytime care centre with a series of services including grouped healthcare, nursing, and door-to-door services.


Regarding the door-to-door elder services, Halimah said it will gradually be expanded to other categories like adding exercises to assist the needy elderly.


Currently, there are 35,000 elderly living alone in Singapore, the number is expected to increase to 61,000 in 2020 and even to 83,000 in 2030. In order to meet these people’s needs, number of care centre will increase from 41 to 58 in 2016.


Professor Hiroyuki Murata of Tohoku University in Japan stated that we can apply technology, such as mobile phones, to monitor and assist elders living alone, to prevent them from unnecessary home accidents.


At the same time, organizer of the Forum announced that Ageing Asia Alliance will be established, a corporate network for caring the elderly. So as to promote investment to the silver-market, product and services, hoping to respond to Asia’s 1.2 billion baby boomers.


More than 200 representatives from healthcare, pension, nursing and tertiary industries in 13 countries joined hands together in a four-day Forum to discuss on how to invest and develop and silver-market.